Virginia Skydiving Center

Convenient Location for Skydivers in Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Maryland and More!

Virginia Skydiving Center is the premier skydiving facility in the Virginia area. At Virginia Skydiving Center, we strive for safety and satisfaction with every jump. With more 20 years of experience, our expert jumpers provide a fun and exciting jump with your safety as our top priority.

We offer first jump courses and training using the Accelerated Freefall method, Instructor Assisted Deployment jumps, and tandem skydiving experience jumps for beginners. We have a proven record of safety and maintain the highest standards in the industry. We frequently inspect, test, and replace all of our equipment to ensure the highest quality safety standards.

Virginia Skydiving Center offers a beautiful and picturesque drop zone just a short drive from Richmond, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Virginia Beach and other parts of Virginia. We provide a memorable and exhilarating experience you won’t ever forget. We operate year round, weather permitting.

Check out our videos to see what a real skydive looks like. For more information, or to make your reservation to skydive, whether you’re driving in from Virginia Beach, Northern Virginia or Maryland, call Virginia Skydiving Center today!

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