Why Choose Virginia Skydive Center?


There are lots of skydiving centers in the mid-Atlantic region, so it can be difficult and confusing to try and make the right choice! Here are some reasons why you should choose Virginia Skydiving Center to make your skydive, whether it is just one jump, or you decide to continue jumping and earn a skydiving license.

    • We have operated as a business since 2000 with a proven safety record (formerly located in West Point, VA).
    • Many of the staff have been skydiving for 20 years or longer.
    • Owned and operated by Jim Crouch, who is the Director of Safety and Training for the U.S. Parachute Association. Our safety standards are extremely high at VSC.
    • All of our instructors are certified by the U.S. Parachute Association. This means each staff member has been through a certification process to prove that he or she has the teaching and skydiving ability necessary to earn USPA ratings.
    • Equipment is frequently replaced to ensure that the parachute systems stay in excellent condition. We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year updating and buying new equipment.
    • We use a Beech C90 King Air as our primary aircraft. The King Air has a long history of flying skydivers and is a proven winner. Our King Air receives regular inspections to ensure that everything stays in good shape. It can carry 14 jumpers on one load, so if you are making a tandem as part of a group, we can put several of you together on each load. We also have a Cessna 182 that has been completely overhauled with a new, bigger engine and propeller and extended wings. These modifications make our 182 much safer and stronger than a standard Cessna 182. Our 182 also receives regular inspections like the King Air.
    • We offer excellent value for the consumer with our first-jump skydiving packages. If you are on a budget, we also provide the lowest price tandem jump in the Mid-Atlantic area; a tandem jump from 9,000 feet for just $199 cash price.
    • We have no hidden fees and full disclosure with you as to what we provide. Some Virginia locations will only take you to 8,000 feet for a jump, but will tell you differently and will not provide you with an altimeter so you actually know what altitude you are jumping from.
    • Our airport is large and open, providing lots of clear space for landing parachutes.
    • We use the USPA-developed Integrated Student Program to train students. This program has been in place since 2000 and it provides all of the training necessary for the USPA A license.

We are confident that you will find your experience with us both friendly and certainly the most exciting day of your life! Come see us and let us show you just how amazing a skydiving experience can be!

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