One of Richmond’s Top 100 Activities!

A leap out of our beautiful C90 King Air

A leap out of our beautiful C90 King Air

We like to think that skydiving is really the number one activity, but the folks at Fun Things To Do have spent some time gathering up a list of the top 100 activities in Richmond, VA. And (of course) Virginia Skydiving Center is on that list! Check it out, there are a ton of fun things to do around Richmond! We have always known that Richmond is a great city for people with active lifestyles. So, whether you want to check out the James River with some kayaking, roar around the Richmond International Raceway in a race car, or scorch the skies like a rock star at 120 miles per hour jumping with us at Virginia Skydiving Center, Richmond has a lot to offer.

Come and check us out for an exciting skydive you will never forget!

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