3 Ways to Skydive Safely!

Skydiving should be an exciting adventure for everyone, from first-timers to veterans. These days, that’s most of skydiving’s point, to offer an experience that nothing else in the world can offer: the feeling of true free-fall.

But, like anything good and fun, you have to do it safely, or else it won’t be fun at all! You can think of other fun activities that put an emphasis on safety: hunting, sports, driving, etc. Skydiving is no different: safety matters.

Here’s some ways to ensure that your dives are safe and fun:

1 – Listen – Make sure to listen and really take in anything that your AFF or tandem skydiving instructors say. Yes, your instructors will be there for you on your first dives, but the more you take in, the more at ease you’ll be on your fall and the more you’ll know when you want to dive on your own.

2 – Study – Take the time to learn about the physics of skydiving, the history of it and the rules and regulations in place for skydivers. This will allow you to be more versatile, you’ll gain an appreciation for the sport and you’ll avoid breaking important government laws. Laws are put in place to keep you and those around you safe, obeying them also keeps you out of trouble!

2 – Practice – Keep skydiving and get better at it! Many wise people have said it before: repetition is the mother of mastery. Mastery brings about a confidence and serious attitude which allows you to get the most out of each dive, while also knowing how to keep yourself as safe as possible.


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