A List of Skydiving Sites near You

A List of Skydiving Sites near You

Maybe it’s been on your bucket list for ages or maybe the New Year has spurred you into action, but in either event, you’re looking to skydive. So what now? The decision’s been made (and that’s often the scariest part) so here’s a step-by-step guide in how to take the plunge for the first time.

To start, visit the United States Parachute Association’s website for a list of skydiving sites near you (though we can’t recommend our own site enough). Next, give us a call and schedule your appointment. Group rates and charity rates are often available, so drag your friends and family along for a possible discount! Walk-ins are definitely a possibility, but calling ahead assures that you won’t have to wait, especially during New Year’s resolution season.

Ask any and every question you can come up with before signing that waiver in the waiting area. We’ve heard it all and have absolutely no qualms about answering it again. This is about your comfort level, so have at it.

And then you’ve got some options. Most first timers opt for a tandem skydive, where an instructor is attached to your back and you can relax as they do most of the work. However, there are two other options for a first dive: Accelerated FreeFall Level One (AFF) and Static Line jumps. These options are less popular, because they require a 5-6 hour certification course prior to jumping. AFF dives include two instructors make the exit from the plane with you and adjusting positioning on the way down. Static line jumps have become less popular, but include a diver being attached to the plane by a static line.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to wear sneakers and athletic clothing. Listen to your instructors, be honest about your comfort level, and be sure to take in the view, because it’s indescribable (though we’re sure you’ll try). And after the jump, you’ve earned your bragging rights, so don’t forget to tell the story at least 28 times in the first 24 hours after exiting the plane. Doctor’s orders.

When you’re ready to dive, contact Virginia Skydiving Center LLC. We can’t wait to get up there!

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