A Man’s Best Friend Skydives with Him

A Man’s Best Friend Skydives with Him

10118358_SWhen it comes to people skydiving, you aren’t going to see much news there, unless it is really extraordinary. But, what if one of those “people” happens to be a dog? Then you have a whole new story about Riley the Dachshund, who can go on a walk right off a plane and drop 13,000 feet through the air before landing safely.

Riley’s owner, Nathan has well over 400 jumps in skydiving, making him at least moderately experienced in the craft. But, he’s always wanted to take along the dachshund he got a few years ago. He figured it wasn’t possible at first, because there just hadn’t ever been any talk about animals skydiving.

Once he and a friend figured out how to build a harness for his four-legged friend, the idea of jumping with his dog became a reality. Normally, Riley would have walked around the landing area waiting for his owner, but with the harness completed and even little goggles for the dog, they were well on their way to the first doggie jump together.

Of course, the harness was built to be attached to Nathan, that way he could open the chute for both of them. But the first jump certainly turned into a blast for the dog and owner, and they are both looking forward to more in the future. Especially since Riley has had no adverse effects since their first jump that might have been of concern.

So, look to the sky soon, because it just might really start raining cats and dogs.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/blogs/oddnews/what-s-up–dog–dachshund-takes-part-in-skydive-from-13-000-feet-205241589.html

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