A Skydiving Journey from Dubai to Virginia

Imagine the scenario: 4000 meters above the ground. You lean out of the plane and survey the world around you. Sun, sky, desert. You’re looking down at Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, all the rich collection of buildings and structures. You take a big breath…and jump.

Skydiving is more popular than ever, especially in Dubai, which has become one of the top skydiving destinations in the globe. Like a diamond in the desert, Dubai with its glittering skyscrapers, is a treat for the eyes as well as the soul. The SkyDive Dubai Palm Drop Zone is a skydiving dream.

In the article, “Dubai’s Palm a hit for skydivers,” Reuters reports, “Opening its doors three years ago as the first and only commercial skydiving center in the glitzy desert city, the Palm DZ now attracts a waiting list of jumpers for each new season that begins in September and ends in May.”

We are in the midst of the Palm DZ’s busy season, and ambitious skydivers from all over the world will be flocking to Dubai over the next few months. It hosts a variety of skydiving events, including the first Dubai International Parachuting Championship (DIPC) back in 2010. Also functioning as a training facility for numerous skydiving teams, the Palm DZ is a place where skydivers can hone their craft through solo jumps, tandem jumps and more.

If you’re a globe-trekking skydiver, Dubai is a dream destination. If, however, you’re stateside and interested in honing your skydiving craft, Virginia Skydiving Center is the place for you!

Source: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/variety/2013/09/19/Dubai-s-Palm-a-hit-for-skydivers.html


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