About VSC

About VSC

Virginia Skydiving Center wants everyone to have the ability to enjoy the excitement and wonder of skydiving! We offer a highly qualified staff and an enormous landing area to ensure the safety of both newcomers and experienced skydivers. Located just south of Richmond, we offer our services to all of Virginia and the surrounding states. So, those seeking skydiving in Raleigh, North Carolina or even Maryland can take advantage of our well-equipped facilities for an incredible experience!

Most people, especially first-timers, want to get good footage of their skydive, a service that we offer. So, make sure to get your Virginia skydiving experience on film so that you’ll always remember your first jump! Your first jump will be a tandem dive, which allows the security of jumping with an experienced professional and, therefore, pure enjoyment in your first dive!

Make sure to take a look at our Consumer Alert page to get a good idea of the tactics that many skydive companies use to deceive clients. We ensure that our Virginia parachuting service delivers exactly what we say it will deliver. We even give our customers an altimeter so that they can see how high the jet flies, confirming that we take you as high as we promise! It all comes down to getting what you’ve paid for, and with Virginia Skydiving Center, you’ll have no doubt about getting the absolute best!

So, continue looking through our site. We have photos of our skydives, information about our services and even directions to our location. If you have any questions at all, please contact us. We look forward to making your skydiving adventure into one that will last a life time!

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