Virginia Skydiving Center Facilities

Virginia Skydiving Center Facilities

If you are new to skydiving, or researching where you want to make your tandem or accelerated freefall jump, you might not be concerned with the aircraft, but you should be! We are the only skydiving center in Virginia A leap out of our beautiful C90 King Airthat owns our own multi-engine turbo-prop airplane, as well as a heavily modified and more powerful Cessna 182. Our Beechcraft C90 King Air has been beautifully painted and will take you to altitude in quiet comfort. She is quite the workhorse, and will carry 14 jumpers to altitude in just 13 minutes! Specially outfitted for skydiving operations, it is a fast, smooth and quiet ride to altitude. We also offer our own specially modified Cessna 182, which carries 4 jumpers to altitude in just 15 minutes. It has been equipped with a larger engine and wing extensions, which makes it one of the fastest climbing Cessna airplanes in the country. This gives you a longer freefall than you would experience from other skydiving centers using lower powered aircraft and trying to cut corners to save fuel costs.

We offer a huge open area for landing parachutes. This makes it safer for everyone, especially students.

Our skydiving drop zone hangar is large and offers a padded floor for packing. We have 7,500 square feet of hangar space available!


For those who would like more comfort, we also have a climate controlled classroom if it is too hot or too cold outside. Many folks enjoy being outside and watching the

parachutes land. We will be working on an improved spectator area that will be near the landing area so our guests can watch the landings and aircraft boarding up close.

Overnight accommodations are plenty! For those who would like to camp.
The Picture Lake Campground is right next to the airport.

We also have a Holiday Inn Express that is just two miles from the drop zone. For additional hotels in the area, Colonial Heights is just seven miles from the drop zone. You can see listings for the area HERE.

Dinwiddie Airport, our Home Away from Home!  The airport has two runways. The primary runway, Runway 5-23, is 5,001 feet by 100 feet and the crosswind runway, Runway 14-32, is 3,060 feet by 50 feet. Runway 5-23 was rehabilitated in 2002 and is served by a medium intensity edge lighting system and an ODALS approach lighting system.

The airport has four published instrument approach procedures including: RNAV (GPS) Runway 5, RNAV (GPS) Runway 23, Localizer Runway 5, and VOR Runway 23. The airport can be accessed during adverse weather with ceilings as low as 400 feet and visibilities as low as ¾ statute miles. An AWOS-III is located on the field for weather reporting.


Fueling operations are managed by the Authority and both Jet A and 100LL are available via tender. The tenders include a 1,500 gallon 100LL truck and a 2,200 gallon Jet A truck. The Airport is an authorized Phillips 66 dealer and sells Phillips 66 fuel products.

Self Serve 100LL is available from our newly upgraded M3000 self serve pump 24 hours a day.

The Airport also carries 100W and 15W50 aircraft oil.

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