Skydiving Training & Learning Resources

Skydiving Training & Learning Resources

Below are some useful websites for students and licensed jumpers to help with training and education:

USPA.ORG The U.S. Parachute Association, lots of good stuff on their website. A great tool for preparing for your first skydive. Self study to become more familiar with the equipment and procedures ahead of time!

The Skydiver’s Information Manual

The Integrated Student Program

Section 6-10 Canopy Flight Fundamentals (required reading for the USPA B License)

Section 6-11 Canopy Flight Fundamentals (required canopy training for the USPA B license)

Video examples of the AFF freefall jumps and other media presentations. Good classified section, be careful in the forums! You can get good info and bad there!

The Safety and Training Section of Parachutist magazine.