Our customers are our best critics!

Here are just a few of the nice notes we have received from our awesome students. But don’t take their word for it…try it!

The best of the best
This was my first dive and I have to say: I wouldn’t have wanted to dive with anyone else. VSC is efficient,amazing,knowledgeable , and fun. They calmed my nerves and helped me make the most of my experience. I HIGHLY recommend.
Samantha B.

1st Tandem Jump
My son wanted to do this together for his birthday, and despite being terrified of heights – I agreed to do it with him. The instructors at VSC were awesome and did a fantastic job to ensure we had a great time! We are already talking about plans to jump again! It was truly an amazing experience and I am so glad we did it and had such great folks to do it with 🙂
Jason B.

I went on Birthday and great service!Great instructor’s(Marco) cleared my mind.Definately want to go again to help me cope with with emotion’s of recent passing.
David A.

Big Thank You!
“I had a really nice chat with the woman up front, and so what started out as a birthday jump for my husband turned into two tandem jumps! Doug and David made us feel completely at ease, and we had such an amazing experience that I can’t wait to get up there again. And Sparky did an amazing job with the video and pictures! Thank you so much to everyone!”
Heather B.-W.

Best Experience
“This was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. The staff at Virginia Skydiving Center was so nice and experienced that I wasn’t even nervous. The view was amazing and highly recommended.  Before I left, I bought my next jump.”
Tod T.

Dad and Daughter Tandem Jumps
“My daughter and I visited on October 15th to celebrate our birthdays and both to make tandem jumps. The VSC folks were great….friendly and helpful. All went exceptionally well. We were not sure about buying the video and still photos but we did and are glad we did. We are sharing some of the still photos with friends and family. Thanks go to the VSC folks.”
Tom J.

“One of the most amazing experiences EVER! Such a competent & enthusiastic team of experienced divers; full or energy and excitement! I loved it! Definitely plan to do it again! Thanks so much for making my 30th birthday LIT!!!!!!!!!”
Shardae’ H.

A great place for Skydiving
“Virginia Skydiving Center is an awesome place to skydive, especially if it is your first time. Sherry and her team take great care of you and make you feel real comfortable. The whole team are professional, but fun and really enjoy this thrilling sport and they love to share this with anyone they can. I have already got my second jump paid for and can’t wait to jump again. Thank you VSC for making this an awesome experience for me and my friends that came with me!!!”
Mike R.

The BEST experience
“I have done many things and traveled many places, and my experience at Virginia Skydiving Center is at the top of my list of the most fun. In addition to fun, they are super friendly and you are super safe. You gotta try it!”
Nancy S.

Best Experience Ever
“I’ve done three tandem jumps with Virginia Skydiving Center and loved it every time. The staff is welcoming and great at getting you pumped up for your jump. Can’t wait to go again!”
Mallory R.

“Best experience of my life! These people know how to make you feel comfortable make you feel safe and get an experience of a lifetime! Absolutely amazing, everyone should come here and check off that bucket list you won’t regret it!”
Wendy G.

“Had a great time, first time for me and everyone was helpful and very nice.”
Robert J.

I highly recommend this place.
“The staff is so friendly they make you feel like family. I felt safe with the instructors at Virginia Skydiving Center & I am positive I will return to jump again.”
Lacie J.

Best experience of my life
“Had the best experience of my life I’m scared of heights wanted to always do this they explained everything excellent definitely ease my worries the instructors were fantastic and the group of people that I went up with your awesome I would definitely do it again actually I’m planning on it and within the next couple months.”
Francis C.

First time was so Amazing, we have made a tradition out of it!
“I jumped for the first time a little less than two years ago. Not only were the staff members nice and professional, but also extremely knowledgeable. Everything was explained in detail and I had no questions before my first jump. The orientation actually calmed my nerves. My cousin and I had such an amazing experience, that we came back one year later and brought two others with us who have never jumped. Everything yet again was amazing. We have decided to make a yearly tradition out of jumping with Virginia Skydiving Center. Can’t wait to be in the sky again soon!”
Ashley W.

Outstanding Experience Will Jump Again!!!
“From start to finish this is the place to skydive. Outstanding facilities and knowledgeable instructors. Thank you for teaching me to jump and welcoming my family to share the experience. After visiting other dropzone and deciding not to jump at sub-standard operations; I am glad I chose Virginia Skydiving Center. I cannot say enough. You guys are simply incredible. I recommend VSC to all my friends and I’m more than happy to join them on the trip!”
Doc C

“Highly recommend.”
Sheila L.

My jump experience
“I did my jump as a 50th birthday gift with my oldest son. It was awesome!!! To share the experience with him, quite the adventurer himself, was truly great. The crew at Va. Skydiving are absolutely professional. They took safety very seriously, as well they should. At no time was I uncomfortable or worried about being safe. Great group of people. My recommendation… SHUT UP AND JUMP!!! GO FOR IT! Jt.”

“Awesome, just awesome. Great space and people to hang around while waiting to jump, awesome instructors, and so. much. fun. Already signed up to go again. The team there is what really made it a better experience than I imagined. Thanks!!”
-B. Awesome

“I always wanted to skydive and it was recommended to me to use VSC due to its safety record & it being “best drop zone in Virginia”. I must say it did not disappoint! The staff is helpful, fun and professional. They helped make my first (and second) tandem jumping experience – amazing! After my first jump, I convinced 5 more friends to join for jump 2 & they all left having had one of the best experiences of their life. Truth. Highly recommend!”

“Wow! I have talked about skydiving for many years. Finally, for my 50th birthday my wife got me a tandem jump at VSC. From the moment we arrived, you guys were awesome! Very friendly and easy going. Everybody there – from Sherry, my instructor “Kramer”, the video guy Matt, and Dave…and everyone else were just awesome. You guys turned the scariest thing I ever thought of doing into the most exciting day of my life!!!!! I can’t thank you enough.”
-Terry T.

“I have always wanted to skydive and thanks to you, today, that dream became a reality. My instructor, Camden, was excellent and did a great job at making sure I was comfortable and having a great time. I will most definitely be back to skydive with you again. Thank you so much”
-Andrew M

“I went skydiving for the first time Sunday morning with you guys and it was amazing!! Jim was awesome and my camera man, Eric, shot some epic footage! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to do it again!”
-MaraLee L.

“Amazing experience. I did my first jump here yesterday, I highly recommend this business for anyone that wants to jump. The staff was professional, nice, calm, and informative. Shut up and Jump!”
-Joey F.

“Just did my first jump here, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you guys.”
-Gus S.

“Thanks to you all for a wonderful experience with my daughter.  Jon and Dave were awesome tandem jumpers and my daughter Sierra can’t stop talking about “the most amazing experience in her life”.  Her only question to me on the way home was: “Dad, what are we going to do next? How do we top THAT?!?!?” Safe sky dives to all at VSC!”
-Alexander G.

“This place was incredible. The whole experience from check-in to jumping was amazing. The staff is awesome! Thanks to Dave, Camden, and Kris!!! Can’t wait to go back.”
-Erika B.

“Just want to say “Thanks!” to all the staff of VSC for the great experience I had on July 28, 2012. I especially want to thank Kramer (the guy that threw me out the door of the plane), John (for providing the proof with the excellent video), and Sherry (for her patience). I said I would be back and I will. Hopefully with some new first-timers.”
-John C.

“Thank you all at VSC for everything! It was the most awesome experience in my life! ABSOLUTELY THE BEST INSTRUCTORS without any doubt!”
-Mohammad A.

“Thank you for such an amazing experience! Loved every second of it!”
-Jennifer M.

“Thanks for such a good time everyone! Awesome manifesting, awesome organizing, and awesome people…can’t wait to come back soon!”
-Pat F.

“VSC Rocks and so does the STAFF! My son & I jumped on Mother’s Day. It was amazing, I’m still smiling!”
-Debra P.

“I went tandem this past weekend (last jump of the day…super amazing!). Now, I’m pretty sure I can’t just walk away from this and look at the experience as an item checked off of a list. For me, it’s more like my eyes have been opened, and I am now an infant in your world of open skies. I can’t wait to do this again….and again….and again.”
-Leigh G.