Marriage Proposals While Skydiving

There are few experiences in this world that can get your heart racing like whipping through the air at high speeds, hurtling towards the Earth and then being held aloft by a parachute. Some liken it to other life events that can get your adrenaline pumping, like buying a home or proposing to a loved… Continue Reading

Skydiving + Football = Pure Excitement

The NFL is a force in this nation, arguably the most popular and most watched sport in the country. Everyone has his or her favorite football team. Most men (and some women) have played a Madden videogame at some point in life. Let’s just say that the pigskin is a prominent part of the American… Continue Reading

Are You a Dreamer or a Speck of Dust?

Skydiving is an empowering act, one that demonstrates physical, mental and spiritual fortitude. When you’re up in the sky, the world below seems like an inconsequential place, tiny and faraway. Such a place should never, ever get you down. Fate is not an absolute. If we put our minds to work, we can accomplish anything… Continue Reading

What Skydiving Reveals About the World

For many, skydiving is a dream – a magical experience to have and strive for, one that is always prominently placed on bucket lists from coast to coast, from old to young. You see, skydiving calls out to the dreamer in us, the wannabe God. The thrill of the air, the complexity of the sky,… Continue Reading

A Skydiving Journey from Dubai to Virginia

Imagine the scenario: 4000 meters above the ground. You lean out of the plane and survey the world around you. Sun, sky, desert. You’re looking down at Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, all the rich collection of buildings and structures. You take a big breath…and jump. Skydiving is more popular than ever, especially in… Continue Reading

The History of Skydiving

Skydiving is such an exhilarating activity but not for the faint of heart! Many divers love the adventurous sport but are unfamiliar of its roots. The modern history begins in the late 18th century when Jacques Garnerin from France, performed jumps from balloons over Europe. Tiny Broadwick became the first woman to jump from an… Continue Reading

The Future of Skydiving: Spacediving

Technology is constantly improving in every aspect but one such company in the bio-medical and information technology field is going to extremes. A company by the name of Juxtopia is bringing forth a new development in skydiving suits that might be able to allow skydivers to take their dives a little bit further – plunging… Continue Reading