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Skydiving Fundraiser Operation Enduring Warrior

15336732_SOver the summer skydiving has served as something we just don’t see too often: a fundraiser. During a poor operation in Afghanistan, SPC Jesse Murphee and his airborne brigade were caught in an ambush that left him severely wounded. Multiple deaths on the operating table and countless surgeries, including amputation of both his legs, has left him alive and recovering slowly. Despite the long process to recovery though, Jesse wanted to prove to people that he could get back in the air, and help people with taking to the skies too.

And that was where the Operation Enduring Warrior or Jumping with Jesse fundraiser had come from. Part of the funds would go toward helping Jesse with equipment needed to make sure he can keep skydiving, and other parts go toward his certification to teach people to skydive. The idea was to make something that he can turn into a full time job to enjoy helping people experience the skies as much as he has been.

The entire fundraiser was a success and not only did Jesse get to fly with tons of people, but he’ll be doing it full time soon with all the right equipment to get back into the sky.

It’s situations like these that can show how much skydiving can draw people together. Many people consider skydiving a scary thing, and that it takes a lot of bravery to do it, but there are people like Jesse and others in the airborne brigades that have to do it right into the middle of war zones and that is far scarier.

So being able to assist someone in helping other people get over that fear and have a good time with soaring through the skies could maybe lead to more people enjoying themselves and getting over that fear. After all, if Jesse can do it after the damage he had suffered, then what’s stopping you?

Skydiving Proposal Trips

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Are You a Dreamer or a Speck of Dust?

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What Skydiving Reveals About the World

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A Skydiving Journey from Dubai to Virginia

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The Diversity of Skydivers

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Skydiving Tips: Proper Dress for Skydiving

Skydiving Tips: Proper Dress for Skydiving

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Skydiving Tips For Beginners

Skydiving Tips For Beginners

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