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How to Become a Certified Skydiver

How to Become a Certified Skydiver

Skydiving can be both exhilarating and scary (in a good way!), and falling through the air solo is pure, adrenaline-pumping excitement. However, before you can take the leap on your own, you must become a certified skydiver and while that can take a little bit of time, we guarantee you’ll have a ton of fun… Continue Reading

Overcoming Your Skydiving Fears

Surprisingly, one of the main reasons that individuals decide to skydive, is to overcome their fears. By taking the plunge, they are proving to themselves that they can do anything that they set their mind to.  Individuals who fear skydiving the most, often have the most exciting and exhilarating experiences. Common fears that first time jumpers have… Continue Reading

Americans Dominated the 2012 World Parachuting Championships

Welcome to open skies! Did you know that there’s a World Parachuting Championships and that it just wrapped up on December 9th?  Not many people are aware of the WPC.  The championships, held in Dubai, attracted more than 800 ambitious daredevils.  Were you one of them? The championships cover almost every facet of skydiving.  People… Continue Reading

Santa to Sky-Dive This Christmas?

The Christmas season is finally here and people are beginning to shop and look for ways to get into the holiday spirit. Aside from shopping and spending time with family and friends, we all know nothing says Christmas quite like Santa Claus, especially if you are a child! In Thousand Oaks, CA, Janss Marketplace is… Continue Reading

New Tandem Student Harnesses

  Recently, we replaced all of our tandem student harnesses with newly designed student harnesses from Strong Enterprises. What was wrong with the old ones? Nothing! But the new design offers more comfort to the student, especially during the canopy descent. So, what does this mean for our customers? If we are willing to spend… Continue Reading

Year Two

Last year, lots of people went skydiving with us, coming from Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Richmond, Raleigh, NC and beyond. We just finished out our first year in the new location, and we are looking forward to our second exciting year! It is hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly! And speaking… Continue Reading

Red Bull Stratos Orechestrates World Record Jump

Well, this should be the final post on this subject, but Felix Baumgartner finally made the world record parachute jump, yesterday after a lot of delays. According to one of their blog posts, he did in fact break the speed of sound in his descent to Earth. In case you’ve missed our earlier posts on… Continue Reading

4 Days Until the Red Bull Stratos Jump

In only 4 days, Felix Baumgartner will make a world record skydive from 23 miles over New Mexico. He will attempt to go supersonic and, if he succeeds, he will be the first human to do so outside of a jet plane (or any vehicle). This is all part of the Red Bull Stratos project,… Continue Reading

Why Do People Skydive?

This is a surprisingly good question that someone asked on Yahoo Answers, around 4 years ago. The question is a lot older than 4 years though; it’s a question that goes back to the beginning of skydiving. Originally, parachuting developed as a military tactic, both for rescue and sending troops into battle. But that does… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Skydive Safely!

Skydiving should be an exciting adventure for everyone, from first-timers to veterans. These days, that’s most of skydiving’s point, to offer an experience that nothing else in the world can offer: the feeling of true free-fall. But, like anything good and fun, you have to do it safely, or else it won’t be fun at… Continue Reading