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Pilot Training

We like to make sure our staff is fully prepared and properly trained, and since our pilots are in charge of keeping you safe for the plane ride to altitude, that means the pilots need to constantly practice both normal and emergency procedures to stay sharp. We regularly put the pilots through this type of training in the actual airplane in flight, not using a simulator. This keeps everything as real as possible to having actual emergency situations.

The training consists of stall recovery, steep turns to demonstrate coordinated flight, and flying and landing with just one engine operating, and a bunch of other procedures. Our beautiful King Air airplane and all three pilots performed perfectly, once again. But, that does not mean we will not continue to practice procedures, so we remain sharp and work as a team to stay as safe as possible.

Pilot Bruce Staples performs a steep turn while the instructor monitors the training.

The History of Skydiving

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The Future of Skydiving: Spacediving

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What the Skydivers are Saying

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Santa to Sky-Dive This Christmas?

The Christmas season is finally here and people are beginning to shop and look for ways to get into the holiday spirit. Aside from shopping and spending time with family and friends, we all know nothing says Christmas quite like Santa Claus, especially if you are a child! In Thousand Oaks, CA, Janss Marketplace is… Continue Reading