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Pilot Training

We like to make sure our staff is fully prepared and properly trained, and since our pilots are in charge of keeping you safe for the plane ride to altitude, that means the pilots need to constantly practice both normal and emergency procedures to stay sharp. We regularly put the pilots through this type of training in the actual airplane in flight, not using a simulator. This keeps everything as real as possible to having actual emergency situations.

The training consists of stall recovery, steep turns to demonstrate coordinated flight, and flying and landing with just one engine operating, and a bunch of other procedures. Our beautiful King Air airplane and all three pilots performed perfectly, once again. But, that does not mean we will not continue to practice procedures, so we remain sharp and work as a team to stay as safe as possible.

Pilot Bruce Staples performs a steep turn while the instructor monitors the training.

Jean-Marie LeGrand

Jean-Marie is a videographer and USPA Coach with over 640 jumps.  He enjoys teaching the First Jump Course and coaching new students.  When not teaching, he enjoys jumping with newly licensed skydivers to further develop their skills and knowledge. We call him PePe Lepew, in honor of his French heritage. Continue Reading

Jim Crouch

Jim Crouch

Jim is the owner of Virginia Skydiving Center. He is a USPA Tandem Instructor Examiner and Coach Examiner, USPA Tandem Instructor, USPA AFF Instructor, IAD Instructor and PRO Rated demonstration jumper. He is also a USPA Safety & Training Advisor, FAA Senior Rigger and single and multi-engine commercial airplane pilot with more than 4,000 skydives.… Continue Reading

Camden Gonzalez

Camden is USPA AFF and Tandem Instructor with over 1000 skydives. Before joining the West Point staff in July 2010, he attended school at the University of Florida, where he served as President and Safety/Training Officer of the Falling Gators Skydiving Club. If Camden isn’t at the drop zone on the weekend, then you can… Continue Reading

Tracie Grady

Tracie is one of our manifest coordinators and during the week she is a meeting/event planner for two associations which is her forte and Director of Administration at Eisenman & Associates, Inc. – An association management firm.  She enjoys bowling, racing and the occasional skydive. Continue Reading