Drop Zone Life

Drop Zone Life

Everyone falls in love with Virginia skydiving experience after feeling the unmatchable thrill and excitement of the first jump. At VSC, you will find we offer so much more than other locations that cater only to one-time tandem skydives. For some people, that first jump will lead to a whole new life of new friends and thrilling adventures; they become a licensed skydiver. Skydiving becomes a regular hobby, and all of a sudden you are spending weekends with a whole new group of friends, and you realize that skydiving is actually a lifestyle, not just a one-time leap from a plane.


We celebrate skydiving milestones such as earning a skydiving license, and completing a number of jumps such as 100 or 1,000. Traditional “pieing” usually takes place at the end of the day, when jumping is done.


So, we look forward to seeing you come out and helping you get through your first jump. But, who knows, you may just find that your eyes have been opened to a whole new world, and you find what you have been searching for your entire life! You would definitely not be the first person to be turned upside down by this awesome lifestyle. See you around the bonfire!