Licensed Skydiving Jump Information

Licensed Skydiving Jump Information

Skydiving and Parachute Jumping near Virginia Beach, North Carolina and DC!

Welcome to Virginia Skydiving Center, where you can go experienced freefall skydiving near Virginia Beach, Richmond and even North Carolina! We operate year round, weather permitting. This drop zone  accommodates all jumpers: students, licensed jumpers, canopy pilots, wing suit pilots, etc. For camping and lodging information, check out our facilities information.

Camera Skydiver

We follow the U.S. Parachute Association guidelines for camera use while skydiving. That means you must have jumped at least 200 times before you can use a camera while skydiving at VSC. This applies to any camera, even the small GoPro or Contour models. Yes, we realize that you have “mad skillz” and you can handle it at 50 jumps! But this rule is in place because of all the other newer jumpers who don’t have “mad skillz” could be a real hazard to themselves and other jumpers. So, please don’t feel like we are picking on you, because we’re not. We just want everyone to be safe and even a small camera is a distraction, as well as a potential snag hazard. We want everyone to have the same phenomenal “mad skillz” that you do before they start using a camera.

Skydiving Storage Facility

We offer a large padded hangar for packing and storing your stuff. We have lockers on a limited basis. Check with manifest for locker availability. For daily use, we have the hangar lined with open cubby slots that have a rig hanger on the top. So, there is plenty of space to store your stuff during the day, and to hang your rig up off the floor after you pack. We offer a dedicated 42-inch flat screen LCD TV and DVD player so you can plug in your cameras and watch your skydive video, or debrief your team jump, etc.


Our drop zone offers a huge, open landing area for everyone to land easily, without having to worry about a crowded landing pattern. We offer a primary landing area and an even larger student landing area, each having plenty of space! The landing areas are close to our hangar, so you can quickly get packed to jump again!


You will need a current United States Parachute Association membership to jump at VSC.

We only permit high-performance landings from qualified individuals who exit at 5,000 feet to avoid conflict with other canopy traffic.


All jumpers who exit from full altitude landing with the other jumpers on the load are required to perform a landing pattern with turns limited to 90-degrees. The pattern can either be left or right hand, depending on the wind conditions for the day. Check with manifest and the other jumpers on your load to make sure that everyone flies the correct pattern for the day. You must fly the final approach with the canopy in natural glide, without any deep brakes or S-turns. Fly a predictable pattern that promotes a smooth flow of canopy traffic so that we can all stay safer under canopy! In other words, we all admire high-performance landings, but we need to stress everyone’s safety even more, eliminating the chance of a canopy collision as much as possible. Who is qualified to make a high-performance approach? That is up to the drop zone owner and Safety and Training Advisor to determine. Thanks!


We offer a unique training harness that features a 23 inch monitor to display videos of malfunctions. Therefore, you can practice emergency procedures by using video as a training aid.


Our main aircraft is a PAC 750 which carries 13 jumpers.  It is a Fixed Wing Single Engine Turbo-prop plane, made in New Zealand, and made its maiden flight in 2001.  Certified in 2004, the PAC was a hit in the skydiving industry for its high payload and lightweight design. Designed to takeoff and land in very short fields with heavy loads, the PAC is a true workhorse.  Our PAC 750 was the first PAC ever delivered to the United States!

If you want to do a parachute jump near Virginia Beach, or if you have any questions about our facilities or policies, contact us. We would love to answer your questions!