Fulfilling Everyone’s Flying Dream

slide2It’s hard to find a single person in the world that hasn’t dreamed of flying without the help of any machine. We want to be able to do the impossible on our own, but sometimes we really do just need a little help. Skydiving gets you part of the way there, as a form of controlled falling, or as Woody from Toy Story would call it: Falling with Style.

The truth is, there are very few people who can’t do skydiving. It doesn’t require excessive strenuous work, or extensive knowledge of planes like it would to be a pilot. It’s merely a basic lesson that anyone can remember and understand, and the function in the body to hold up your own weight. But even then, there have been ways to get around those two things.

The most common thing that everyone goes through when they are first learning to skydive is dropping from the sky with someone else. Almost all instructors do this with their new students when they are first learning. It lets them experience what it is like and if they want to do it again, while being completely safe, because they are attached to the person who does know what to do.

One of the harder things to deal with for skydiving is fears of heights or flying though. Not many people with those fears ever want to skydive, but it can also be an important therapy for those people. What most people don’t understand until they go to a psychiatrist to help with fears is that the best way to overcome a fear is to push yourself into what you fear. Afraid of snakes, try to pet one. Afraid of heights? Go skydiving!

This is exactly what didn’t stop someone from keeping their promise to their mother when they went skydiving recently. They did it because they made a promise to live their life, and that meant overcoming fears too. So they jumped and when they were done, they were ready to jump again. You can’t beat that feeling of intense adrenaline after beating a fear and enjoying it!

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