Group Pricing

Group Pricing

Please call for tandem group pricing.

Accelerated Freefall First Jump 1-5 people
$355 Each cash-includes 90-day membership to the U.S. Parachute Association

AFF 6-10 people
$345 Each cash-includes 90-day membership to the U.S. Parachute Association

AFF 11 or more
$335 Each cash-includes 90-day membership to the U.S. Parachute Association

Video OR Still Photographs

DVD and Still Photographs package

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program Prices

AFF Category A – First Jump
$355 – Includes first jump course ground training, equipment rental and first skydive with two AFF Instructors and a 90 day membership to the U.S. Parachute Association. Freefall-Relaxed body position and altitude awareness. Canopy-Fly a basic landing pattern to the landing area.

AFF Category B – Jump 2
$239 – Freefall-Leg awareness drills which create forward motion, focus on relaxed freefall position, altitude awareness and stability for main canopy deployment. Canopy-Fly a basic canopy pattern reinforced from the first jump.

AFF Category C – Jump 3 and 4
$239 / $209 – Freefall-First release dive. First with two instructors then with just one instructor. Focus on relaxed freefall position, heading control and altitude awareness. Canopy-Learn to fly a pattern in winds and effects of turbulence. Gear checks start here.

AFF Category D – Jump 5 and 6
$209 / $209 – Freefall-Student begins controlled turns, 90 degree on first jump. 180 and 360 on the second. Canopy-Begin rear riser control of the canopy above 1,000 feet. Introduction to spotting.

AFF Category E – Jumps 7 and 8
$209 / $209 – Freefall-Student learns to recover from disorienting maneuvers by practicing back flips, front flips and barrel rolls. Canopy-Learning the best canopy flare point and review of collision avoidance. More work on spotting the exit point from the aircraft.

AFF Category F – Jumps 9, 10 and 11
$105 each – Freefall-Tracking practice and two hop and pops, one from 5,500 feet and one from 4,000 feet to practice a deployment right after exit. Canopy-Braked turns and braked approaches, power line avoidance review. Gear checking another jumper and spotting practice. Packing a main parachute with assistance.

AFF Category G – Jumps 12-14
$105 each – Freefall-Group freefall skills. Training includes docking, forward motion, fall rate adjustment, docking with fall rate adjustment. More work on tracking. Canopy-Rapid toggle turn practice to learn how to avoid inducing a line twist. Detailed gear review pointing out the high-wear points of the equipment.

AFF Category H – Jumps 15-18
$105 each – Freefall-Swoop and dock maneuvers. Canopy-Front riser turns. Parachute riser maintenance and closing loop replacement instructions. More on packing a main parachute.

AFF Jumps 19 – 20
$105 each – Freefall-Introduction to freeflying. Sit flying jumps. Basics of freeflying procedures and safety tips for freefall, equipment and proper training procedures which should be followed by anyone working on freeflying.

AFF Jump 21
$105 – A License Check dive-You will still need 25 jumps for the actual USPA A License but your training is completed at this point. This takes into account that there were no repeated skydives. Once you earn your A License each skydive is only $26 cash ($27 cc) with your own equipment!!