Marriage Proposals While Skydiving

There are few experiences in this world that can get your heart racing like whipping through the air at high speeds, hurtling towards the Earth and then being held aloft by a parachute. Some liken it to other life events that can get your adrenaline pumping, like buying a home or proposing to a loved one.

In some cases, people have found skydiving to be a great opportunity to take that romantic leap mentioned above. Marriage is all about trusting your life in another person, and there’s no clearer way to show that than by jumping into a freefall of a couple thousand feet with another person.

Take, for instance, this recent story about a skydiving proposal reported by ABC News. While floating for a few thousand feet down towards a sandy Australian beach, Jessica Beckman looked down and noticed an interesting message written out in the sand. Adam Pank, her boyfriend, had asked Jessica’s family to scrawl out “Marry me Jess?” into the sand. When she got to the ground, she was happy to let him know that she said yes.

Using a skydiving excursion to offer marriage to your significant other may be perfect if it adequately reflects your relationship. If you feel like you’re part of an adventurous couple that loves to discover new places and get lost in exciting experiences, skydiving may be a great date idea. Even if you’re not planning marriage, just taking the step to defy extreme heights with the person you love can cement the feelings you inspire in that person.

The Virginia Skydiving Center is here for you to explore one of the most exhilarating highs you can get as a human being, both literally and figuratively. We have plenty of skydive videos on this website that will show you how safe a freefall can actually be. Whether you want to profess your love, or find a new way to feel alive, give us a call and schedule your next visit to Petersburg, VA.

*Video courtesy of Bhamdave52


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