New Year’s Resolution: Go Skydiving

page-images_0002_testimonialsSkydiving is one of those extreme things that is cropping up on everyone’s must-do list. But what does your first dive feel like, especially if you’re not usually a thrill-seeker or really not into heights? In short, amazing, exhilarating, worth the story, filled with more banter than you’d expect, and beyond terrifying.

If it’s your first time, chances are high you’re not going alone. A tandem skydive is where you’re strapped to a certified instructor that’s probably been doing this for years. Stepping into the harness and then attaching yourself to a random person does feel strange, at first. But the bottom line is that these are professional men and women who do this a dozen times a day. Even if you’re uncomfortable, half of their job is to make sure that goes away in the first few minutes.

One of the biggest questions we come across is: is it physically difficult to skydive? And the answer is quite simple: tandem skydives are pretty fool-proof. Your harness will be checked over by the instructor again and again. The instructor tells you when to jump and is going to jump with you attached to them even if your feet aren’t moving, so there’s no fear of jumping at the wrong time. The instructor pulls the shoot, not you. And they will explain how to land on your feet and physically guide you once you get there.

So what’s the scariest part? It’s going up, not jumping out. You’ll sit in that tiny plane, strapped to a really cool dude or dudette that will probably chat your ear off about all of the amazing things they’ve seen or done in their line of work. And by the time the instructor opens the door, you’ll be ready and raring to jump.

Once out of the plane, the air force is such that you’ll actually feel like you’re lying on the ground, not freefalling. It’s one of the most incredible sensations.

When you’re ready to take the plunge, contact Virginia Skydiving Center. We can’t wait to jump out of a plane with you!


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