Skydiving Video and Photo Services

Skydiving Video and Photo Services

Skydive Near Richmond, Virginia Beach, North Carolina, DC and Maryland

“Definitely worth it. I’m so glad I got my video. Did it over a year ago and we still watch it. Great times!” -Doug T., Richmond, VA

Skydiving will most likely be one of the most exciting things you ever do in your life. So why not document it by purchasing a video package and ensure your first jump lasts forever! Even if you go on to skydive thousands of times, you will only have one FIRST jump. Save and cherish that first time of tandem skydiving in Richmond forever!

Custom Video/USB

You will pair up with one of our professional videographers and star in your own skydiving adventure! We cover your preparation on the ground, getting into the airplane, the ride to altitude, your exit, freefall, and your excitement after landing! You can show your friends and family all of the action and share the photos of your Richmond skydiving experience too!

Perhaps best of all, you can share your video with your friends all over the world. As an extra bonus for those who purchase the video/still photo package, at no charge to you, we will download your video into our custom web service and send a link to your video in an email. You can share the link with all of your friends in an email, or post the link to your Facebook/Twitter page!



 Still Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a picture worth when they are taken at 120 MPH? Our camera flyers will capture your jump in pictures with professional photography… in fact, 50-100 high-quality digital pictures! The images are electronic files, and we include them in your email link or purchased USB. You can easily send them to all your family and friends!