Santa to Sky-Dive This Christmas?

The Christmas season is finally here and people are beginning to shop and look for ways to get into the holiday spirit. Aside from shopping and spending time with family and friends, we all know nothing says Christmas quite like Santa Claus, especially if you are a child!
In Thousand Oaks, CA, Janss Marketplace is getting ready for their annual tradition that people from all over come to see. Santa Claus will be making his descent from 14,000 feet in the sky, parachuting down to the ground to greet his anxious spectators.
This tradition is a great way to highlight the adrenaline rush of parachuting and a unique way of displaying one of Santa’s many talents! Children will be pleasantly surprised when they see Santa flying down from the sky, and without his reindeer, no less!
After Santa has landed, guests can enjoy holiday themed activities like a storybook reading by Mrs. Claus and feasting on tasty treats! To learn more about Santa’s parachute jump, you can visit Janss Marketplace by going to

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