Scheduling Information

Scheduling Information

So you are ready to skydive? Congratulations! The information below should help you prepare for your visit with us. This helps you know what to expect and what you need to bring!


First of all, we need to make sure you meet our requirements, which should have been explained to you before you scheduled:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Weigh under 220 pounds, regardless of sex
  • Additional fees apply for individuals weighing between 220-250 pounds
  • You must be height/weight proportionate
  • Reasonably physically fit
  • Speak and understand the English language-See below
  • Payment in full is required to reserve your spot
  • No alcohol consumption for at least 8 hours before you arrive at the drop zone

Contact Information

Phone 804-466-0215 or


You will need to arrive at your scheduled time, or maybe a few minutes early. If you are making a tandem jump you should plan to be there for at least a six hour time frame to allow for delays. So if you show up at 10 AM expect to be there until 4 PM. In general, the tandem jump usually takes three hours to complete, but delays can occur. If you are making your first AFF jump, you will need to arrive at 8:00 AM and plan to be there until sunset that day.

Food is available near the drop zone. You can always bring a picnic lunch and plan to enjoy the time while you are waiting for your jump or chilling out after you have landed. We do keep a limited number of snacks and drinks available at the skydiving center.

Large Groups

Larger groups will, of course, need to plan for more time for everyone to finish their jump. We are often contacted by someone organizing a group of 20 to 30 people and the group ends up being two or three. Funny how that happens! Apparently skydiving sounds like a much better idea in a bar at 2 AM, than when the time comes to actually make the reservation! For that reason, we only consider someone scheduled when the deposit has been paid. Group organizers should make sure that each of the participants in the group has secured the reservation with the deposit. It is often better for one person to handle it for the entire group than to rely on individual people to get it done themselves, human nature being what it is!

We often handle groups of people anywhere from three to 40 at a time, who come together to experience skydiving as a group. We normally train everyone together as one large group and then take 3-4 people at a time, with each jump cycle taking 15-60 minutes depending on staff and aircraft availability, etc. For those who are waiting they can cheer their friend on from the boarding area and greet them in our spacious landing area when they touch down. We also offer free wireless internet service for those who would like to bring a laptop.

Group discount rates and reservation information can be found here.


We do our best to get your jump done when you schedule. Often times we are dealing with weather issues that can cause delays or even make it necessary to reschedule for another day. The AFF first jump ground training is still conducted regardless of what the weather is doing. So if you are scheduled for an AFF jump plan to be at the DZ regardless of the weather that day. If we finish the ground training and the weather is not cooperating for the jump we will reschedule for another day to get in the air.

If you are scheduled for a tandem skydive and the weather looks windy or cloudy you can call us at 804-466-0215 before you leave for the DZ, and we can let you know how to proceed.

What To Wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the temperature and a good pair of lace-up tennis shoes. So if it is 50-60 degrees on the ground a sweat shirt and jeans will work well. Shorts and t-shirts work well for the warmer days. We will have a jump suit that covers your clothes for the skydive. The price of your jump includes everything, there are no hidden “Equipment” charges.

Is English your second language?

There have been many studies completed which prove that it is difficult for someone to translate languages in a stressful and exciting environment, such as someone making a first skydive. If English is your second language, and you are interested in Accelerated Freefall, we will most likely progress you to that point through a tandem training transition. This will provide you with the benefit of two tandem jumps followed by an accelerated freefall skydive. The two tandem jumps will allow you to accomplish Category A and B requirements just as you would on an AFF jump, but you have the benefit of an instructor with you to help with the canopy flight if it becomes necessary.