Skydiving = Dreams, Democracy and Daringness

Women skydiving Skydiving, while being a dream factory churning out dreams one after the other, is also a very democratic and communal activity, bringing together people from all over the world. We saw yet another example of last Saturday, as a group of 63 women from all corners of the globe jumped out of a plane and set a new world record, smashing the previous record of a “mere” 41 women from three years ago. Dreams and democracies fell from the sky like fine, fine rain.

The scene was set. Like a scene out of a war movie or video game, 63 women of all ages converged on Eloy in Arizona to do the impossible: break a world record and set a new one, for the largest group of women to fly headfirst in an arrangement. It was certainly an ambitious endeavor, and it took a few tries to get it right.

In the article, “Women break skydiving record in Arizona,” Joel Landau of the New York Daily News writes, “The group all plunged from the plane 12 times before they were all successful in linking together in the air.” Practice certainly makes perfect, as evidenced by skydiver Amy Chmelecki who helped coordinate the record-breaking event. She also holds training sessions that help teach women how to make formation jumps. It’s not something that one simply picks up overnight. These jumps are technical and everything must be timed perfectly and just right. Clearly, the 63 women were trained well!

At Virginia Skydiving Center, we would like to congratulate these women on their wonderful accomplishment! What they achieved is a great representation of everything that skydiving stands for: dreams, democracy and daringness.



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