Skydiving + Football = Pure Excitement

The NFL is a force in this nation, arguably the most popular and most watched sport in the country. Everyone has his or her favorite football team. Most men (and some women) have played a Madden videogame at some point in life. Let’s just say that the pigskin is a prominent part of the American consciousness, something that stampedes through the blood like an army of Adrian Petersons.

The game of football excites the average American, lets us live out our dreams of wildness and abandon, where the only true path also happens to be the toughest path, the road less traveled so to speak. This past weekend was an exercise in excitement, as four of best NFL teams and two hot rivalries met for combat in Denver and Seattle respectfully. The Broncos with Manning at the helm defeated Tom Brady’s Patriots for the AFC Championship. Richard Sherman’s post-game rant went viral right after his Seahawks inched by the 49s to lay claim to the NFC title.

It was an exciting weekend, no doubt, but one made filled with more excitement than the average football weekend, thanks in large part to skydiving. Yes, skydiving. Before the Broncos/Patriots game, members of the Denver Broncos parachute team, the Thunderstorm skydive team, parachuted into Sports Authority Field. Although they do this every game, given that it was the AFC Championship Game, their was something special and gave the title game an exciting push. It was certainly a spectacle! Below is a video of the team in action.

Skydiving makes everything better. It makes all life burn with passion and intensity. While we can’t promise that you’ll be parachuting into a football stadium, we guarantee an intense experience! Contact Virginia Skydiving Center today and book a trip today!

*Video courtesy of Denver Broncos Thunderstorm


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