Skydiving Proposal Trips

23317743_SOver the internet years the videos on proposals have been vast. But you just don’t see many people combining proposals for engagement with skydiving. At least you don’t hear about it all that much, but a recent video on someone jokingly dropping the ring while proposing in the air has led to plenty of other people coming up to talk about how they had a proposal in the sky.

When it comes down to it, two people sharing a hobby of any kind often resort to that hobby when it comes to proposing. We see it with music and rock-climbing and sushi making. It’s something you shared with someone that you both like. What better feelings to invoke than that when it comes to asking that person to spend the rest of their lives with you?

If you decide to propose while skydiving though, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure both parachutes are functioning before leaving, and make sure you have a way of connecting close with each other before you jump out. One couple did this by jumping out while holding onto each other. You could also meet them while in the air. They key is to just be safe here, like you normally would with a skydiving experience. You can even think of the safety in terms of a group skydive.

Once you have the safety down. As much fun as it would be to propose in mid-air, it really is not recommended. One, you have the wind factor in terms of sound to deal with, as anyone who has skydived would know, you just can’t talk very well in the air. Next is holding onto something. For maximum safety you shouldn’t have anything in your hands, you never know when you might need to pull the emergency chord. Don’t pull the ring out until you’re on the ground.

After all, as much as this video is funny to watch the person drop the ring from the sky; that ring is now going to fall thousands of miles and very possibly hit someone. A penny from the Eiffel Tower can kill someone; think about what damage a box could do from that height?

The key is safety, and then everyone enjoys their skydiving proposal!


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