Skydiving Tips: Proper Dress for Skydiving

Skydiving Tips: Proper Dress for Skydiving

Whenever you engage in a sporting activity, there are guidelines for what clothing is suitable and what’s considered dangerous. Even though you won’t be facing an opponent when skydiving, proper clothing is essential to the dive success.

The reasoning for wearing proper attire when skydiving is to ensure your safety. Proper dress assures that your clothes won’t prohibit you from landing safely. For example, pants and shirts that are too big can get in the way of pulling the parachute cord, which is a big safety risk.

All professional skydiving centers advise tandem divers of what they should wear before their jump. But if you find that you’re left wondering what to put on that day, below are helpful hints.

1. For hair any length other then short needs to be tied back. Hair that hangs loose is a hazard because it can get caught in equipment or prevent the instructor from seeing.

2. Sneakers with laces tied tightly are best. An injury can happen if a fallen shoe hits another diver below or cause a problem when you land on the ground.

3. A t-shirt for warmer weather or a sweatshirt with no hood or collar are best. Again, collars and hoods can cause view obstructions. Choose a t-shirt that isn’t too loose fitting.

4. For bottoms, regular shorts or pants are good. Jeans can be worn, but since you are already strapped into the harness tightly, jeans can be very uncomfortable.

5. Glasses and contacts are okay to wear while skydiving. You will be given a pair of goggles to wear for the jump that go over top glasses or contacts.

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