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Cheaper Jumps!

The Caravan is now based at Virginia Skydiving Center full time! Now that the aircraft is based here, and the ferry costs are eliminated, I can lower the jump prices for each slot to $25 for full altitude jumps and $15 for 5,000 foot jump. Although, I really want to encourage everyone to use the Fireball for low altitude jumps, if at all possible.Once I get an idea of the operating costs over a longer range of time, I should be able to offer bulk ticket purchases at an even better rate. So, bear with me for a few weeks while we burn some loads and crunch some numbers!

Speaking of cheap jumps, in an effort to get things moving earlier in the day, 182 Fireball jumps with wheels up before 9 AM will be $9 to 5,000 feet, with three minimum required to make the load. This includes putting you out over the pond at Picture Lake Campground if you want to swoop over water. But, for this deal to take place, I will need to be there to fly, because I can’t afford to pay a pilot at those prices! Jumps to 11,000 feet will be $16.

Yes, I just said you can swoop the pond at Picture Lake Campground! So-canopy pilots, get your best swoop on here at VSC over the water! You just need to find a pal with a vehicle to go down to the campground and pick you up after you land. Don’t worry, it is only a mile down the road from the DZ!

The VSC Holiday party is this Saturday, December 3. We will start the party at 6 PM after jumping is done. We will meet at Giuseppes restaurant right next to the airport. Bring a kids toy so we can donate to the local community. And you can also bring a gift for the adult gift exchange, if you want to take part in the gift exchange. The cap for the gift is $15, which is a convenient price at the local liquor store that offers a ton of choices!

So far things are going great with the new drop zone. And for a winter start, we are not doing too bad! Some have mentioned that cheaper jump prices would be nice, so here they are! Come on out and see us!

Jim Crouch
Virginia Skydiving Center

New Aircraft For VSC!

Sometimes opportunity knocks at just the right time. This was the case with the start of VSC, which opened on a great note, but we needed to do something different for an aircraft, in order to make the Drop Zone a fun and awesome place to jump. We were leasing a King Air that provided… Continue Reading