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Record Breaking Skydiving Jump

Record Breaking Skydiving Jump

Just this past weekend on the 25th of October, 57 skydivers completed a record breaking jump by forming two completely different stunning formations while dropping through the sky at over 180 mph. The formation was a collaboration between a number of world class athletes to leap from three different planes flying at over 16,000 feet to complete the first ever two-point, 57 person, vertical formation skydive in a mere 45 seconds.

After jumping from the planes, the group assembled into a formation by linking their arms and creating a shape in the sky that you could actually recognize if you were on the ground or looking down from the plane. They attempted a number of circular patterns, the first of which was a Venn diagram of sorts.

Although creating patterns in the sky is nothing new, the true feat comes with the making of two formations in the same jump; two distinctly different formations at that. Building two different formations in the air before your jump time ends and you have to have everyone break away so they can safely deploy their parachutes without getting tangled up is something that had not been done until now, especially at this magnitude of people.

This feat is only further amplified by the fact that the team had no communication during the time from when they jumped. As soon as they were in the air, they just had to know what to do, and to get it done fast or else the record wouldn’t have been completed! They still managed to do it though, and that just goes to show how much if we put our minds to things, we can accomplish anything, including world record feats.

Why Do People Skydive?

This is a surprisingly good question that someone asked on Yahoo Answers, around 4 years ago. The question is a lot older than 4 years though; it’s a question that goes back to the beginning of skydiving. Originally, parachuting developed as a military tactic, both for rescue and sending troops into battle. But that does… Continue Reading