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Jim Crouch

Jim Crouch

Jim is the owner of Virginia Skydiving Center. He is a USPA Tandem Instructor Examiner and Coach Examiner, USPA Tandem Instructor, USPA AFF Instructor, IAD Instructor and PRO Rated demonstration jumper. He is also a USPA Safety & Training Advisor, FAA Senior Rigger and single and multi-engine commercial airplane pilot with more than 4,000 skydives. During the week he works for the US Parachute Association as the Director of Safety and Training.

Camden Gonzalez

Camden is USPA AFF and Tandem Instructor with over 1000 skydives. Before joining the West Point staff in July 2010, he attended school at the University of Florida, where he served as President and Safety/Training Officer of the Falling Gators Skydiving Club. If Camden isn’t at the drop zone on the weekend, then you can… Continue Reading

Chris “Doc” Campbell

Known around the DZ as simply “Doc,” Chris has been skydiving for over three decades. A retired military static line & HALO jumper, he’s a videographer, AFF & Tandem instructor, and a Pro-rated demo jumper. He confesses to being astonished we actually pay him to engage in his favorite weekend activity: introducing future addicts to… Continue Reading

Dave Stoval

Dave is a USPA AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor and Coach, Professional Exhibition Rated demonstration jumper, Videographer, and 2008 Virginia State Record holder. He’s been jumping since 1996 and has over 5,000 skydives. Continue Reading

Mark Woods

Mark has been jumping for more than 25 years. He is a USPA AFF Instructor and Tandem Instructor. He always wants to see his students do well and have a great skydive! Continue Reading