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Marriage Proposals While Skydiving

There are few experiences in this world that can get your heart racing like whipping through the air at high speeds, hurtling towards the Earth and then being held aloft by a parachute. Some liken it to other life events that can get your adrenaline pumping, like buying a home or proposing to a loved… Continue Reading

Skydiving + Football = Pure Excitement

The NFL is a force in this nation, arguably the most popular and most watched sport in the country. Everyone has his or her favorite football team. Most men (and some women) have played a Madden videogame at some point in life. Let’s just say that the pigskin is a prominent part of the American… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Skydive Safely!

Skydiving should be an exciting adventure for everyone, from first-timers to veterans. These days, that’s most of skydiving’s point, to offer an experience that nothing else in the world can offer: the feeling of true free-fall. But, like anything good and fun, you have to do it safely, or else it won’t be fun at… Continue Reading

Preparing for a 25 Mile Skydive

At Virginia Skydiving Center, our tandem skydives start from 13,500-14,000 feet above the ground. That sounds like a lot – and it is – but in miles it’s only a little over 2.5. So, multiply that by 10 and you get what Felix Baumgartner will attempt to do: a 25 mile skydive in which he expects… Continue Reading