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Tracie Grady

Tracie is one of our manifest coordinators and during the week she is a meeting/event planner for two associations which is her forte and Director of Administration at Eisenman & Associates, Inc. – An association management firm.  She enjoys bowling, racing and the occasional skydive.

Scott Jawidzik

Scott is a USPA Coach since 2009 and has over 350 jumps.  He enjoys teaching the First Jump Course and coaching new students.  When not teaching, Scott enjoys doing Relative Work with fellow jumpers. Continue Reading

Ahmed Kurtom

Ahmed is a videographer and always works hard to capture a great view of your skydive. We keep waiting for the TSA to question us about his Middle East ties, but so far they have not shown up. Continue Reading

Chris Melera

Chris is a videographer. He has been jumping since 1999 and has made more than 1,700 jumps. Most of those jumps have been filming tandem and AFF student jumps, or skydiving teams. Continue Reading