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New Beginnings

After 12 years operating in West Point, VA as West Point Skydiving Adventures, we now begin skydiving operations at Dinwiddie County Airport as Virginia Skydiving Center, LLC. The move to Dinwiddie allows us to continue expanding business, which had outgrown what we could handle at West Point, given the facilities that were available to us. Now, we make a new beginning in a great location, which is closer to Richmond and the surrounding counties, and just as close for the Northern Virginia crowd as West Point was for them. With the airport entrance just 200 yards off of I-85, it is just plain easy to get to, period.

Along with the great location comes great facilities, and we now have a large, spacious hangar to work from, and a giant landing area for landing parachutes. The local businesses are extremely happy to have us in the area, bringing in more business for them. The food at the local restaurants is fantastic! Right next to the airport we have a great campground, Picture Lake Campground, and a Holiday Inn Express is just two miles up the road. So, whether you want to camp or a hotel is more your style, you can spend the whole weekend at the drop zone.

So, we will miss our friends and local merchants at West Point. But, our new location and facilities at VSC will allow us to continue what we started at West Point, and proceed to grow even bigger. Come see us!