The Future of Skydiving: Spacediving

Technology is constantly improving in every aspect but one such company in the bio-medical and information technology field is going to extremes. A company by the name of Juxtopia is bringing forth a new development in skydiving suits that might be able to allow skydivers to take their dives a little bit further – plunging through space!

The cutting edge suit, which is currently being named RL Mark VI, is still in the early stages of development but it set to be tested in 2016. The test will be done by robotics and is said to be able to withstand extreme pressure and temperature changes. The suit is also said to contain a virtual system that will display the diver’s vitals as well as the exterior conditions throughout the free fall. The RL Mark VI will also encompass a rocket booster. The rocket booster will aid in the diver’s landing, making descent much easier.

This suit of the future will allow those who have ever wished to travel through space the ability to do so, if they are adventurous enough! The thrill seekers will be transported to the edge of space and instructed to exit the space craft into low-earth orbit. They will free fall through the earth’s atmosphere and return back to land, safely.


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