There’s a Skydiving Daredevil in You

Deep down, we all want to be daredevils. Don’t deny it. It’s in our blood, and our blood boils when we dream like daredevils. That’s why people like Evel Knievel were so popular. With a motorcycle and reckless bravery, he managed to capture the wide-eyed hopes of a nation. Whether he jumped over a twenty-foot-long box of rattlesnakes and two mountain lions or sixteen cars, the result was always the same: a celebration of the indomitable human spirit.

Daredevilry reminds us that life, no matter the situation, is triumphant or, as Knievel puts it, “If you don’t know about pain and trouble, you’re in sad shape. They make you appreciate life.” We must appreciate life. If Knievel were alive today, he would be fond of skydiving. Other daredevils are, including escape artist Anthony Martin.

Recently, Martin freed himself from a locked coffin. Doesn’t too sound impressive, right? Well, he did it while plummeting through Illinois air! Yes, as he laid trapped in a coffin, he was thrown out of a plane, freed himself, unlocked the coffin and parachuted out. Although he was assisted by two skydivers, the feat is nevertheless superhuman, an appreciation of life.

In a article, Andrea Thomas writes, “Martin laid inside a plywood box with his hands cuffed to a belt around his waist and his right arm chained to the inside of the box. The casket’s door was then held tight with a prison door lock for which no key exits; a locksmith scrambled the tumblers.”

It’s nerve-racking just reading it! Martin, however, wasn’t nervous at all. It’s in his blood. He started studying the art of escape at the ripe age of six, under the tutelage of his father. Since then, he has “performed” many escapes. Anthony Martin, like Knievel, is a reminder that there’s a daredevil living inside all of us. Sometimes it’s good to let it out.

We’re not saying you should lock yourself in a coffin and plummet from a plane. Not at all. But you do need to let your inner daredevil out. It will make you appreciate life even more. At Virginia Skydiving Center, we strive for safety and satisfaction with every jump. It will be the safest daredevil experience of your life!

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