This Spring, Brave the Extreme and Skydive

This Spring, Brave the Extreme and Skydive

spring skydiving classes and specialsSkydiving is certainly a sport for those who like to brave the extreme. When roller coasters and other thrill rides just aren’t enough, skydiving may just be the perfect choice. There’s nothing quite like dropping to the ground from thousands of feet in the air and getting the chance to hang from a parachute and see the horizon for miles.

Videos that can give you a good taste for the view from high in the sky are available all over the Internet. Check out the short video available with this article published by Arizona news outlet KTAR. In it, two men wearing GoPro head-mounted cameras perform a pretty incredible act just prior to jumping.

After gaining a high enough altitude, these gentlemen climb out of the open helicopter door and hang for about 10 seconds from the landing gear of the aircraft. The stunt isn’t all that dangerous, although having to resort to a different landing zone could pose a problem if their grip slipped at all. However, it definitely makes for a stunning sight, especially with the colored smoke jets spewing forth from their sneakers.

Of course, these two are trained professionals at extreme activities much like this. Amateurs shouldn’t be dangling from a helicopter in midair, even with the protection of a parachute worn on the back. And they definitely shouldn’t be landing in the middle of a crowded parking lot, even if there are people on the ground to make the landing safer.

Here at the Virginia Skydiving Center, we’re all about creating a safe but exciting experience for all of our visitors. Whether this is your first time taking to the skies, or you’re a seasoned veteran of many skydiving jumps, you’ll love the experience of soaring through the atmosphere over Virginia. If you’re heading to Virginia Beach, Maryland or Washington, DC, any day soon, think about making the Virginia Skydiving Center part of your vacation plans.

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