Why Do People Skydive?

This is a surprisingly good question that someone asked on Yahoo Answers, around 4 years ago. The question is a lot older than 4 years though; it’s a question that goes back to the beginning of skydiving.

Originally, parachuting developed as a military tactic, both for rescue and sending troops into battle. But that does not even quite answer the question, because before military use, André-Jacques Garnerin parachuted in 1797, possibly for science… possibly for excitement.

But, parachuting and skydiving differ. Parachuting does not involve any free-fall, which many skydivers find to be the best part of the jump. So, to even go back to skydiving’s parachuting roots and the motivations therein won’t provide us with the best answer to the above question.

So, why do people skydive? If you look at the answers to this similar question, you’ll see a lot of answers. A lot of them mention adrenaline and freedom. One person splits it into physical and mental reasons, which actually align pretty well with adrenaline and freedom.

One individual claims that skydivers are people who don’t appreciate life enough to be content without danger. I don’t think that he’s being fair. I think skydivers appreciate and enjoy life just fine, they just find enjoyment in adventure and excitement.

So, why do you skydive? Do you have a more complex answer than simply “freedom and adrenaline?” Let us know!


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