You’re Never Too Old to Skydive

15967237_SA healthy sense of adventure can develop at any age. Sometimes children who are overly cautious in their youth grow to seek out thrills like roller coasters and extreme sports later in life. Many people think that there’s a deadline to the excitement you could be having. However, as news reports around the country keep showing, senior citizens love the rush of adrenaline just as much as the younger generations.

Take, for example, this press release published on technology publisher SYS-CON Media’s website about a 94-year-old man who is taking his second skydiving trip in just two years. What started as a promise to his wife before she passed away has turned into an intriguing and lovely little tradition at one British skydiving company.

While his wife was alive, Jack Hake promised her that he would skydive with her cremated ashes to commemorate her life and their love. When the story hit social networks, it caught fire and spread throughout the world, even being picked up by major television production companies like CBS America News and ITV.

Hake was already an adventure seeker before fulfilling his promise to his late wife, but it seems like skydiving has really taken a hold of his imagination, because he’s returning to GOSkydive to complete a second jump with their team. Nearing the century mark, the 94-year-old Hake shows few signs of slowing down, and an official press release from GOSkydive indicates that he may even consider a third jump if the second one goes well.

Here at Virginia Skydiving, we’re always pleasantly surprised by the wide age range among our satisfied customers. We’ve catered to young adults, thirty-somethings, middle-agers and even some adventurous seniors who want to seek the thrill of free-falling from a thousands of feet in the air. If you want to try one of the most exciting activities that the state of Virginia has to offer, call us today to schedule your next thrill ride!


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  1. Did a tandem jump for a frneid’s birthday celebration. Plan was to sit in the doorway, lean forward and fall out at 8,000′, one forward roll into stable spread, and fall to 3,000 where we’d deploy the chute.Went as planned. The visual of the plane getting tiny was so cool that I forgot about the falling sensation, and by the time I got oriented in the spread position we had stopped accelerating. There was the wind noise, and the ground getting closer in a hurry, but without the acceleration to give the “falling sensation” it was pretty cool. Descending under canopy was fun.

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